The EURO-Institute

The EURO-Institute is until now the only public institution in Europe, which is specialized on training on the topic of cross-border cooperation. Created in 1993, the Institute has 15 years of experience with regard to the methodological and conceptual design of cross-border training activities in the public sector. Its activities comprise both basic training on the cross-sectoral need of cross-border-cooperation (like intercultural management, project-management, network-management, introduction to the politico-adminstrative system of the neighbour, etc.) and specialised training on selected policy-fields (like social-policy, health-policy, regional-development, labour-marked, security, education and research etc.).
A third component of its offer provides the coaching of multi-national INTERREG-project teams to enhance the project implementation and the advice of local and regional decision-makers.

The Institute works on a non-profit basis. It is financed by its French and German members (Région Alsace, Département du Bas-Rhin, Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg, the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Ortenaukreis and the town ok Kehl) and other public institutions, giving an annual financial or logistical contribution.

Based on its large experience in the field, the Euro-Insitute will contribute to the implementation of the work-programme of the three thematic project components by giving methodological advice and participating actively both in the three working groups and the scientific committee.
In parallel, the Euro-Institute will be responsible for specific line of activity which aims at the structuring and networking of similar institutions in European border-regions.
The Euro-Institute will provide the necessary technical and logistical know how transfer to these regions and institutions to ensure, that quality criteria of good practice are developed and respected.

The Euro-Institute is member of the TEIN network.
The exchanges between MOT and the EURO-Institute are numerous.
The collaboration began during the early stages of the MOT’s development, culminated in the partnership within the framework of the Interform project (2004-2008) and is continuing with joint training initiatives (formulation of modules, etc).

A convention partnership was signed in 2010.