Partnership with the CNFPT (National Centre for the Territorial Civil Service)

The Centre national de la fonction publique territoriale (National Centre of the Territorial Civil Service – CNFPT) is a French national public establishment in the service of local and regional authorities and their personnel (1,800,000 jobs, across 231 different professions and profiles). It has a presence across France by way of its 29 regional delegations, its 4 Instituts nationaux spécialisés d’études territoriales (National specialised institutes of territorial studies – INSET) and its Institut national des études territoriales (National institut of territorial studies – INET). The CNFPT is in charge of the professional training of the personnel of local and regional authorities, as well as the organisation of certain competitive entry examinations and professional examinations for the territorial civil service.

Given the complementarity of the two organisations, the expertise of the MOT in cross-border matters in an operational and strategic dimension, the CNFPT’s knowledge of the professions and the training needs of local and regional authorities, and its capacity to mobilise resources in the organisation of training, the tzo partners decided to form a partnership in the following areas:

- information and production of resources
- co-organisation of events
- analysis of the evolution of competences and of the professions in the field of cross-border cooperation
- network of visiting experts
- legal aspects of the territorial civil service
- professional training of local and regional authority personnel

Within this framework, exchanges, study visits, collaborations and co-productions can be initiated between the MOT and the services of the CNFPT (regional delegations and network of institutes) in order to formulate, develop or enrich the training provision of the CNFPT in the MOT’s areas of activity (cross-border cooperation initiatives).
In addition, in the context of cross-border cooperation projects, the CNFPT can respond to specific requests for actions in the field of training, in connection with the MOT and other partner organisations.