MOT-AEBR strategic alliance

Signing of the MOT-AEBR strategic alliance in 2007

On 8 November 2007 during the European conference "Cross-border territories: Day-to-day Europe" in Lille, the president of the MOT, Pierre Mauroy, and the president of the AEBR (Association of European Border Regions), Lambert Van Nistelrooij, signed a strategic alliance between the two structures.

"To cover all the scales of cooperation, speak with one voice at European level and guarantee the future of cross-border cooperation, the MOT and the AEBR have decided to sign a strategic alliance." – Pierre Mauroy during the European conference in 2007.

Exchanges and collaboration

Since the signing, exchanges have flourished:
- participation in joint events, information exchanges
- cooperation within the TEIN network
- collaborative works and productions
- welcome of delegations

In 2009, the MOT and the AEBR have co-signed a joint letter accompanying their two contributions to the white paper of the Committee of the Regions on multilevel governance.

In 2012, CECICN and AEBR have jointly published the Strategic Document on Smart Cooperation: "Territorial Cooperation fostering European integration: Cities and Regions linking across borders".
Download the Strategic Document.

In May 2013, the MOT has welcomed a delegation of about 15 people from Latin America in the context of the project "EU-Latin America collaboration on cross-border cooperation in the framework of Regional Policy" followed by AEBR.

In November 2013, the European Commission and the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane have organized the conference "Latin America, Caraibe, Europe of the cross-border cooperation", in partnership with the AEBR, the MOT, the network TEIN, the CEREGMIA and the Euro Institut Caribéen (EIC), Schoelcher (Martinique).