European Commission

Following the meeting in November 2015 between the president of the MOT, Michel Delebarre, and the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, the work between the MOT and the services of DG REGIO has been further strengthened.
These exchanges include in particular the participation of representatives of DG REGIO in the MOT events, allowing a direct connection between the European Commission and the members of the network, and the interventions of the MOT to the events of the European Commission.

These exchanges focuse and have focused on:

Working Group on innovative solutions to cross-border obstacles and “ECBM” tool
The DG REGIO is associated to the activities of the working group animated by MOT, which studies the creation of a new European juridical tool (“ECBM”). This group was set up by Luxemburg and France for, among other things, test the feasibility of this new juridical tool proposed by the Luxemburg presidency, and now taken back by the European commission in its “ECBM” regulation proposal published on 29 May 2018. More info

Adoption of the Communication “Boosting growth and cohesion in EU border regions”

The MOT has intervened during the 20 / 21 September 2017’s conference marking the adoption of this communication, in Brussels. More infoIn October 2017, the MOT took part in the DG REGIO workshop about obstacles to cross-border cooperation within the border regions in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. More info

Cross-border review

The MOT was tightly associated to the “Cross-border Review”, led by the DG REGIO’s cross-border cooperation unity, in 2015 and 2016. This initiative which aimed to analyze the administrative and legal obstacles on intern EU borders, has been structured around a public consultation – to which the MOT answered -, the construction of a study and four workshops of experts the MOT participated in. More info about MOT position. More info about the results: April 2016 - January 2017

The conference "25 years European Territorial Cooperation", 15-16 September 2015 in Luxembourg

The MOT accompanied the DG REGIO in the organization of the "25 years of Interreg" concerning the organization of two roundtables, the first on the topic of cross-border labor market, the second on territorial cooperation on other continents.
More info

Brochure "Territorial Cooperation in Europe - A Historical Perspective"

Published by the EC on the occasion of 25 years of Interreg, this new book provides a key of understanding to learn about the complexity, the richness and the diversity of all territorial cooperation in Europe. The MOT has realized 26 maps of the brochure showing the impact of cross-border cooperation at European and national level. Download the brochure.

"Le dessous des cartes" program dedicated to European Territoral Cooperation

Always celebrate 25 years of Interreg, the "Le dessous des cartes" TV program was dedicated to European Territorial Cooperation. For its development, the LEPAC laboratory led by Jean-Christophe Victor received the support of the MOT. The program was shown on 19 September 2015 on Arte. More info

MOT and CECICN positions

The MOT network, together with its larger European network CECICN, is a regular contributor to the consultations of the European Commission, in order to promote the taking into account of cross-border territories in EU policies. More info on European contributions of the MOT and CECICN.