Final conference of the EGTC URBACT Project

6-7 Mai 2010 in Esztergom (Hungary)

The EGTC project (May 2008 - May 2010), co-financed by the URBACT programme, worked on the promotion of innovative governance tools in a panel of cross-border agglomerations.
It brought together eight partners:
- MOT (leadpartner)
- Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine (France/Belgium)
- City of Slubice (Poland/Germany)
- City of Chaves (Portugal/Spain)
- City of (Hungary/Slovakia)
- Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg (France/Germany)
- Canton of Bâle-Ville (Switzerland/France/Germany).

Further information on the project
Further information on the final conference
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