Cross-border territories, regional and national policies: what coordination for 2014-2020?

Final conference of the Europ’Act project led by the MOT (2011- 2012)
24 October 2012 in Paris

This event took place within an important political agenda: at the European level, the development of the framework for cohesion policy 2014-2020, and at the French level, the redefinition of the cross-border policy regarding the new steps in the decentralization process.
Final conference of the Europ’Act project, led by the MOT between June 2011 and October 2012, the event presented the conclusions of the study, aiming to improve the link between cohesion policy, governance arrangements and cross-border territorial logics. 200 participants attended the conference.
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Compte-rendu de la conférence (FR)
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Project result :
In a dynamic context of reform - redefinition of cross-border policy and decentralisation process in France, preparation of the 2014-2020 programmes at European level - the MOT has produced a methodological guidebook aimed at improving articulation between cohesion policy, governance structures and cross-border territorial approaches.
The guidebook is intended primarily for local authorities, government departments, European institutions and programmes and, more widely, all stakeholders in cross-border cooperation. It provides a diagnosis of cooperation on all French borders, a general cross-cutting diagnosis, and a series of recommendations aimed at improving the implementation framework for cross-border cooperation.
This work was carried out by the MOT as part of a study co-funded by the Europ’Act programme. It is the product of eighteen months of investigations and fieldwork, based on nearly 75 interviews with the major stakeholders in cross-border cooperation.
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