Public Services

Improving the coverage of the services provided to local populations in cross-border territories

Developing master plans for cross-border services

The situation of cross-border territories is too often ignored in regional development documents and this does not help to find the most appropriate solutions with regard to services. Developing a cross-border dimension in the master plans and programmes of governments and the local authorities in the border areas would help to identify existing services in neighbouring countries and to lead to the pooling of cross-border services.

These services master plans can for example be drawn up in the following areas:

  • public transport: cross-border bus or train services with a common system of fares, initiatives like the “Urban Transport Plan”;
  • health: in regional health care master plans (taking account of how health care and hospital structures are organised in the neighbouring country, access to treatment);
  • the environment: in water and water treatment master plans (taking account of the possibility for water to be supplied from resources in the neighbouring country and vice versa; and, regarding water treatment, the possibility of using joint facilities for the treatment of waste water);
  • employment: in services master plans in the area of employment, etc.