The MOT guides "The energy transition and cross-border cooperation", January 2019


Leading projects

  • Renewable Energies Transfer System - RETS Project

Renewable Energies Transfer System (RETS) is a project that has been carried out thanks to the European Funds and financed within the frame of the INTERREG IV C programme, and which has set up a partnership between 12 structures of nine member states. The main aim of this project is to improve local authorities (in particular cross-border authorities) in terms of their regional knowledge and skills regarding renewable energies (RE), which will facilitate the effective deployment of public policies adapted to their territories (www.rets‐

  • TRION-Climate project

The Energy network of the Metropolitan Region Upper-Rhine, named TRION, is aiming at making the Upper-Rhine region a model for renewable energy.
Currently, it is pursuing five goals:  
- The networking of key energy players and climate protection based on the main topic of "buildings energy performance".
- Cross-border experience  sharing between economic, scientific, and administrative key players.
- Cross-border secondary training for sustainable construction professionals.
- Support for cross-border project development in the field of energy and climate protection.
- Advising and information on energy and climate protection in the Upper-Rhine. Currently, the emphasis is on energy performance.

  • Eneff

Launched in the summer of 2009, the French-German Eneff network, ENEFF "Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy", is a cooperation project between the Department of Moselle, Saarland, and the Western Palatinate.  The aim of this project is to remove the border separation effect in the field of renewable energies. Therefore, cross-border key players are being positioned to better understand the standards, practices, legal context, helpful features, technologies and innovations, and SME's supply structure and demand structure within a permeable cross-border area.

  • Enertic - Cross-border reference centre for the field of renewable energies and energy performance

ENERTIC is San Sebastián's cross-border reference Centre for Renewable Energy Performance.
This project aims to act as a catalyst for cross-border cooperation in the field of renewable energies and energy performance in the cross-border area.

  • Via energia - Eurodistrict Regio Pamina

Launched by EDF, ES and EnBW, the "via energia" offers to discover 24 French and German sites that are innovative in terms of energy production, in order to raise awareness concerning energy issues. Among these 24 sites, five are located in the Eurodistrict: Soultz-sous Forêts (Geothermal energy), Pfaffenhoffen (Geothermal energy/solar energy), Iffezheim (hydro-electricity), Sessenheim (solar energy), and Haguenau (biomass).

Photo copyright: European Union, 2013