Frankfurt (Oder)–Słubice

Countries: Germany , Poland
Regions concerned: Frankfurt (Oder) (State of Brandenburg, Germany) - Słubice (Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland)


The towns of Frankfurt (Oder) (approx. 60,000 inhabitants) and Słubice (approx 18,000 inhabitants) are located on the German-Polish border, marked by the river Oder. Together, they form a cross-border conurbation of nearly 80,000 inhabitants.

After German reunification, and the relaxing of border controls in the 1990s, the two border towns set up their first joint projects with the creation of the “Pro Europa Viadrina” Euroregion in collaboration with other municipalities. Frankfurt and Słubice have also developed a common strategy for cooperation and the development of a European city.

In addition, the two towns participated in the cooperation network “
City Twins” beginning in 2004, along with four other cross-border conurbations, resulting in the creation of the City Twins Association. The conurbation was also involved in the “Urbact EGTC” project, led by the MOT from 2008 to 2010. This project allowed the two twin cities to work together on the development of a common strategy and shared objectives with regard to cross-border governance.

In 2010, the cross-border conurbation also established a “cooperation centre” (“
Kooperationszentrum Frankfurt-Słubicer”), which aims to implement the “Local Action Plan 2010-2020” common development strategy.