Basque Eurocity

Countries: France , Spain

The Bayonne-San Sebastián Basque Eurocity stretches from Bayonne to San Sebastián along 50 km of the Atlantic facade of the Pyrenees, on either side of the Bidasoa river, whose mouth marks the French-Spanish border.

This cross-border conurbation represents a veritable urban corridor, and is situated on one of the main road links between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe. This situation as an obligatory crossing point is accompanied by a high volume of cross-border flows, observable at different scales (from the local to the trans-continental) and undertaken for varied purposes (cross-border workers, tourists, healthcare patients, students, haulage drivers) together numbering 24,000 vehicles per day.

This attractive cross-border region, situated between the mountains and the sea, is also a territory under pressure, both in terms of saturation of transport infrastructure and from a land and property standpoint. Cross-border cooperation in this territory takes place in a context of voluntarism, and on the basis of the rich multi-faceted identity of the region, influenced by three cultures (Spanish, French and Basque).