Badajoz-Elvas Eurocity

Countries: Spain , Portugal
Regions concerned: Spain – Autonomous Community of Estremadura; Portugal – Region of Alentejo

The cities of Badajoz (145,000 inhabitants) and Elvas (23,000 inhabitants), separated by a distance of 20 km, are located on either side of the Spanish-Portuguese border.

Cross-border cooperation

Since 2004, the representatives of both cities have shown their desire to jointly develop their cross-border territory in different fields (infrastructure, culture, the economy, services...). In 2006, the towns of Badajoz and Elvas came together to form a “Eurocity” in order to eliminate the legal obstacles hindering cross-border cooperation. Projects undertaken have involved healthcare (establishment of cross-border medical services), education, culture (organisation of a cross-border marathon) and logistics (improvement of cross-border transport).