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Roman roads in the Mediterranean region (Voies romaines en Méditerranée)

Countries: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia
Border(s): France-Spain-Andorra, France-Italy-Monaco, Portugal-Spain,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIB - Western Mediterranean
- Culture
- Cross-border maritime cooperation
- Tourism

Lead partner: Association Régionale Via Domitia Languedoc-Roussillon

This project brings together within a single transnational network those with reponsibility for projects aimed at preserving and developing the legacy of the Roman roads of the Mediterranean region, which are more than 2000 years old.

Project goals

Faced with a number of threats and the lack of any agreed programme of actions at the moment, the project for "Les Voies Romaines en Méditerranée" aims to make the preservation and promotion of this heritage more coherent and effective, by defining a joint plan for making aware and mobilising both populations and public authorities.

Target group(s)

Bodies with responsibility for projects aimed at preserving and promoting the Roman roads in the Mediterranean regionLocal and/or tourist population; Public authorities

Project activities

  • Creation of a network of bodies with responsibility for projects
  • Development of a strong identity with the creation of a shared logo
  • Development of a shared website
  • Support for the development of visitor centres
  • International promotion of the Roman roads aimed at the general public, children, and school students
  • Organisation of events at noteworthy locations, including festivals and cultural and educational activities

Project duration

Since 1998

EU funding

Interreg IIC: 1 400 000 € - Interreg IIIB: 2 000 000 €