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Garonne Valley, a cross-border area

Countries: Spain, France
Border(s): France-Spain-Andorra,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Spain
- The environment, resources and waste
- Watercourses
- Natural and rural areas

Lead partner: SMEAG (Syndicat Mixte d´Etudes et d´Aménagement de la Garonne)

This wide-ranging project, which was implemented by the Généralité de Catalogne (the Generality of Catalonia), the Conseil Général du Val d´Aran (the Departmental Council of the Aran Valley) and SMEAG, aims to set out the principles of a comprehensive and coordinated policy for managing the Garonne, to better understand this cross-border river, to share this knowledge, to develop and protect the river, etc.


  • Le Département de l´environnement de la Généralité de Catalogne (The Department for the environment of the Generality of Catalonia)
  • Le Conseil Général du Val d´Aran (The Departmental Council of the Aran Valley)
  • Le Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne (The Departmental Council of the Haute-Garonne)

Other French partners:

  • Agence de l´Eau Adour-Garonne (The Adour-Garonne Water Authority)
  • Government
  • EDF

Project goals

OBJECTIVE 1: To know the Garonne better and to share this knowledge

  • Measure 1. Gathering knowledge about the river and making it coherent
  • Measure 2. Conducting studies on particular themes
  • Measure 3. Adapting tools for monitoring river flows

OBJECTIVE 2 : To develop and protect the Garonne

  • Measure 1. Developing and managing river ecosystems
  • Measure 2. Bringing people closer to the Garonne

Target group(s)

Local and tourist population

Project activities

  • Observatoire de la Garonne (The Garonne Observatory)Study of the uses and sluice water
  • Study of the river dynamics and areas liable to flooding
  • Adapting and completing the hydrometric network
  • Designing and implementing a master plan for maintaining the river bed and river banks
  • Coordinated management of floating debris
  • Creating a cross-border Natura 2000 site called ´"Garonne montagnarde" (Mountain Garonne)
  • Analysing the perception and potential of the Garonne river area
  • Communication, public awareness and participation plan
  • Environmental, cultural and leisure guide to the Garonne
  • Improving access to the river area: the Plan d´Arrem site

Total cost

2 000 000 €

EU funding

1 000 000 €