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+33 (0)3 23 58 82 56

Transcards (Thiérache healthcare)

Countries: Belgium, France
Border(s): France-Belgium,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Wallonia-Flanders
- Healthcare
- Public Services

Lead partner: Groupement Européen d'Intérêt Economique (GEIE) Sésame Vitale (France); Alliance nationale des mutualités chrétiennes (Belgium)

This project, which relates to the populations of the Thiérache region (France) and the area around Chimay (Belgium), enables the inhabitants to retain their social security rights when they travel over the border. It is based on an agreement to extend social security coverage between France and Belgium.


French partner organisations:

  • The CNAMTS (Caisse Nationale d´Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés) (National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers)
  • The CLEISS (Centre des Liaisons Européennes et Internationales de Sécurité Sociale) (Centre of European and International Liaisons for Social Security)
  • The CCMSA (Caisse Centrale de la Mutualité Agricole) (Central Fund of the Farmers´ Mutual Plan)
  • La CPAM de Maubeuge (Maubeuge state health insurance office)
  • La CPAM de Saint-Quentin (Saint-Quentin state health insurance office)
  • Seven hospital institutions:
    - The Centre Hospitalier Brisset (Brisset Hospital Centre) at Hirson
    - The Centre Hospitalier de Fourmies (Fourmies Hospital Centre)
    - L´Hôpital Départemental Felleries-Liessies (Departmental Hospital of Felleries-Liessies
    - Le Centre Hospitalier du pays d´Avesnes (the Hospital Centre for the Avesnes region)
    - The polyclinique (polyclinic) of la Thiérache de Wignehies
    - The Hôpital de Vervins (Vervins Hospital)
    - The Hôpital de Nouvion (Nouvions Hospital)

Belgian partner organisations:

  • The Collège Intermutualiste National (National Intermutualist College)
  • The Coordination CIN (coordinating committee of the Collège Intermutualiste National)
  • The Institut National d´Assurance Maladie Invalidité (National Institute for Disability and Health Insurance)
  • The Mutualité Chrétienne de la Province de Namur (Christian Mutual Plan of Namur Province)
  • The Mutualité Chrétienne du Centre, de Charleroi et de Thudinie (Christian Mutual Plan for the Central, Charleroi and Thudinie regions)
  • One hospital institution: The Centre de Santé des Fagnes (the Fagnes Health Centre) at Chimay

Project goals

The general objectives are:

  • to create a network of facilities on both sides of the border and to ensure that these facilities complement each other
  • to promote mobility for patients and health care practitioners
  • to institute an integrated cross-border system for social security coverage

To achieve this, the project is intended to:

  • enable a reduction in the difficulties that result in the cross-border zone from the existence of more than one health care system
  • improve the health of the French and Belgian population of the area and broaden the supply of health care facilities available to them
  • facilitate communication between health care professionals
  • ensure mutual recognition between the health care practices on either side of the border
  • identify general guidelines that can be reused elsewhere
  • ensure that advanced use can be made of data communication network technologies
  • and, finally, encourage European lifestyles and increase cross-border mobility.

Target group(s)

150 000 inhabitants and eight hospital institutions in the area concerned.

Project activities

  • Speeding up administrative procedures: eliminating the need to use the E111 and E112 forms
  • Gradual expansion of the action area towards the Ardennes and the eastern side of the Lille conurbation (Mouscron, Tourcoing, Roubaix, Wattrelos), before extension across France and Belgium in 2007.