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12 Bd. Libertatii - 050703 Bucharest

Transboundary River Basin Management of the Körös/Crisuri River, a Tisza/Tisa sub-basin

Countries: Romania, Hungary
Border(s): Hungary-Romania,
- Watercourses

Assistance with the set-up of tools for the control and management of the transboundary Körös / Crisuri Basin


  • Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) of Romania,
  • Ministry of Environment and Waters of Hungary,
  • International Office for Water of France.

Project goals

The project aims to enable the Romanian and Hungarian authorities to implement a sustainable development policy in this transboundary river basin, using balanced management of water resources, meeting the users' needs and preserving ecosystems and aquatic environments.
The project will include the application of the European Water Framework Directive. For this purpose, a good coordination is necessary to harmonise the activities. To facilitate the exchange of data, priority must be given to "technical assistance with the development of tools for the control and management of the Körös/Crisuri basin waters". In addition, a mechanism strengthening dialogue at regional level will be sought and integrated into the more general framework of the Tisza/Tisa and Danube river basins. ICPDR, which is directly involved in the supervision of the project, should be of great support to this effect.
Owing its experience in Hungary and Romania acquired in previous projects and during the preparation phase, and also owing to the French experiences regarding river basin management, a group, led by IOWater, will assist the authorities of both countries to orient, prioritise and coordinate the activities implemented by national experts in order to meet the following purposes:

  • Strengthening the Hungarian and Romanian cooperation between organisations in charge of environment and water management including public participation.
  • To assist with the further elaboration of the basin characterisation and procedures for the development of a preliminary transboundary harmonised management plan in accordance with the recommendations of the Water Framework Directive, especially with its annex VII, while complying with the Danube and Helsinki Conventions.

Project activities

  • Creation and animation of a Romanian-Hungarian Steering Committee under the aegis of the ICPDR, for the project of transboundary management of the Körös/Crisuri Basin and the proposition and development of structure to facilitate stakeholders consultation.
  • Increasing the capacity for collecting and analysing the data related to water quality management
  • The improvement of data structuring, exchange and standardisation of analysis methods inside and between both parties
  • Assistance with the improvement of action processes and their coordination in case of accidental water pollution

The experiments and outputs of the Körös/Crisuri project could be used for the other rivers shared by Romania and Hungary (Szamos / Somes, Maros / Mures), and by all the countries of the Tisza/Tisa and the Danube mosaic (13 countries). The forwarding of the results of the project to the regional levels will be ensured by the ICPDR, which is the ideal channel for information diffusing in this geographical area.