Transborder cooperation in the giant mountains area

Countries: Poland, Czech Republic
Border(s): Poland-Czech Republic,
- Culture
- The environment, resources and waste
- Natural and rural areas

The mountain area of the Sudetes mountain range consists of 30 communities of the Czech side with about 30 thousand inhabitants, and 7 larger communities on the Polish side. Traditional land management has been discontinued after the World War II when most of the German minority were dislocated to Germany. The evacuated areas were resettled by people with little attachment to the land, little knowledge of the life in the mountains and no common cultural traditions. The protected area – the national parks involve strictly protected zones, where nature conservation measures are being taken, regularly consulted and discussed with the adjacent national park


  • The Czech Krkonose National Park
  • The Polish Karkonosze National Park
  • Czech and Polish Associations of Towns and villages in the Giant Mountains region
  • Czech and Polish Office for the bilateral Biosphere Reserve Krkonose/Karkonosze UNESCO

Project goals

  • Provide a common platform for communication across borders and among different sectors
  • Harmonization of nature conservation and sustainable development
  • Common development of different forms of quality tourism and improvement of the attractiveness of the region
  • Conservation of cultural heritage

Project activities

The partners have realized various cross-border projects dealing with both the ecosystem management and with the socio-economic development in the region.