Transalp - Work without border

Countries: France, Italy
Border(s): France-Italy-Monaco,
Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Italy (ALCOTRA)
- Employment
- Education, training and languages

The Transalp project "Work without border" between the Rhône-Alpes and Piedmont Regions was launched by the network "EURES TRANSALP". The Rhône-Alpes employment Agency, the carrier of the French side project and the APL (Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro), the leadpartner, set up common cross-border actions to be able to meet the needs of working class employees for big events like the Turin Olympics of 2006, the Biathalon championship in Maurienne (2007), the high speed train connection between Lyon and Turin and the Inter-university Championships (2010-2011).


In Italy:

  • Région Piémont,
  • Province de Turin CPI,
  • Ville de Turin,
  • Confindustria Piemonte,
  • Centre de Formation du BIT (Bureau International du Travail) à Turin,
  • syndicats interrégionaux,
  • EURES,
  • Fédérations d’entreprises.

In France:

  • ANPE Rhône-Alpes,
  • Région Rhône-Alpes,
  • Conseil général de Savoie,
  • DRTEFP (la Direction Régionale du Travail et de la Formation Professionnelle),
  • DDTEFP (Direction Départementales du Travail et de la formation professionnelle) de Rhône-Alpes,
  • FBTP,
  • MEDEF,
  • autres branches professionnelles,
  • CFDT,
  • CGT,
  • CSI (conseil syndical interrégional),
  • EURES,
  • Cabinet CARTESA spécialisé en gestion des compétences et des territoires.

Project goals

A common methodology was organized to facilitate the exchanges of professional practices between the Rhône-Alpes and Piedmontese governmental employment services, and allow so their networking, reduces the obstacles for the cross-border mobility, organizes the exchange of offers and applications. Offices in Turin were created and today allow the French-Italian team to answer the various stakes in terms of employment and training in the cross-border area.