Agostino Belloni Compagnia Teatrale I Barbariciridicoli
Via Leopardi 13
08020 Ottana - Sardaigne
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+39 (0)7 84 75 757
Guy Cimino U teatrinu (Corse)
20600 Furiani
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+33 (0)4 95 30 43 65

Teatru di e fruntiere

Countries: France, Italy
Border(s): France-Italy-Monaco,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - Italy/French Islands
- Culture

Lead partner: Compagnia Teatrale I Barbariciridicoli (Sardaigne)

This project based on cooperation among theatre companies has enabled an annual touring festival to be organised involving Corsica, Tuscany and Sardinia, and artistic workshops to be set up.


  • U Teatrinu
  • Compagnia teatrale Vertigo (Vertigo Theatre Company)

Project goals

The overall aims are as follows:

  • to bring together the three areas, by going beyond geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers,
  • to make the populations of the areas affected familiar with the culture of belonging present in each company,-
  • to contribute to developing each participating company (to go beyond the local context with a view to integrating in a regional, or even national perspective),
  • to strengthen cultural cooperation among the three bordering regions.

Is is therefore a matter of "entertaining" an increasingly knowledgeable public, by providing it with the opportunity to watch quality shows. By means of these shows, the public is led to participate in exchanges with the Tuscan and Sardinian communities who have a strong presence on the island, and that strengthens the links already binding them.

Target group(s)

Local populations geographically spread out from large economic and cultural centres of production

Project activities

This project, set up between the "U Teatrinu", "Vertigoteatro" and "I Barbariciridicoli" professional theatre companies enables an intercultural meeting to take place between the regions involved (Sardinia, Corsica and the Province of Livorno). This exchange takes place by means of: an annual touring festival in the three regions called "Teatru di e fruntiere", - and an exchange by the artistic workshops that take place in June and July in Corsica, in September in Livorno and from October to December in Nuoro. These workshops, like the festival, travel from one region to another and are organised by a local company and by artists from outside of the border. They enable the inhabitants to temporarily become artists and to work with actors from both sides of the border.

Project duration

06/2003 - 10/2004

Total cost

60 000 €

EU funding

30 000 €