TC2N - Trans Channel Neuroscience Network

Countries: Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Border(s): Belgium-United Kingdom, Belgium-Netherlands, France-Belgium, France-United Kingdom, Netherlands-United Kingdom,
European programme(s):
Interreg IVA - 2 Seas
- Research and innovation

Lead partner: INSERM

The idea of the TC2N project was initially evoked in September 2008 when research teams from Portsmouth University joined the LARC-Neuroscience Network. The LARC-Neuroscience Network was initially created in 1997 by 4 laboratories from Lille, Amiens, Rouen and Caen (LARC) to develop research and teaching in the Neuroscience field. Today, this network federates 40 laboratories from Nijmegen to Brest, including some research teams in Portsmouth ( With the Interreg support, the project would stimulate the cooperation between some of the teams of this network and associate new teams from UK (Exeter, Brighton), Belgium (Gent) and Netherland (Rotterdam) to the network. The cooperation will involve the development of protocols together, the establishment of collaborative research projects (focused on 5 research themes) and the exchange of staff. It will be supported by 5 Core Facilities located in different cities that we want to share. The project also wants to set up new activities such as trainings for academia and SME, communication to the lay public or traveling support to students who want to go in another Laboratory or Core Facility.


  • Université de Rouen
  • Université de Caen
  • CNRS Délégation Normandie
  • Université de Rennes
  • Université de Bretagne (Brest)
  • Université de Gand
  • Erasmus MC Rotterdam
  • University of Brighton
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Exeter

Project goals

  • To develop cooperation in the Neuroscience field in the 2 Seas area by federating seventeen Research Teams and five Technological Infrastructures
  • To boost, widen and develop the LARC-Neuroscience network
  • To share infrastructures and skills to develop collaborative research in the Neuroscience field
  • To develop trainings, scientific understanding and facilitate collaboration through scientific meetings involving partners from each zone of the joint program
  • To broadcast the developments and the results of the project to the scientists, SMEs and lay public.

Target group(s)

Academic environment, companies and healthcare professionals, the lay public

Project activities

  • Storage database
  • Protocols
  • Research subjects (CVA, eating disorders, tumors, neurodevelopmental diseases, (neuro)endocrine disruptives, exchange program)
  • Development of the LARC-Neurosciences Network (website, annual meetings)
  • Invitation of Speakers
  • Summer school and trainings
  • Lay-public lectures (Semaine du cerveau, fête de la science…),
  • Development and interactions with SME
  • Quarterly Neurosciences letters

Project duration

01/09/2009 au 30/09/2014

Total cost

7 572 728€

EU funding

3 786 364€