Countries: Belgium, France
Border(s): France-Belgium,
Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis,
European programme(s):
Interreg IVA - France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen
- Economic development
- Research and innovation

Lead partner: POM West-Vlaanderen (the economic development agency for the Province of West Flanders)

The project aims at supporting the development of a cross-border knowledge strategy. It does this by fostering exchanges between French and Flemish hubs of competitiveness and excellence, clusters and centres of expertise in important and cutting-edge sectors identified for the two regional economies: ICT and imaging, food and health, textiles and new materials, transport and logistics, and clean technologies.


  • Nord France Innovation Développement (NFID)
  • OCWest – Ondernemerscentra West-Vlaanderen (West Flanders entrepreneurs’ centre)

Project goals

Development of a cross-border knowledge strategy by strengthening the centres of expertise in their role as interfaces between academic institutions and businesses with the potential to innovate.

Project activities

Creation of cross-border “tandems” between centres of expertise and academic institutions in order to support innovative businesses.

More information on the project factsheet from the handbook “Cross-Border economic development”, MOT 2015.

Project duration


Total cost

2 741 163 €

EU funding

1 392 970 €