STELLA - Sustainable Tourism Development at Kupiskis Lagoon (Lithuania) and Lake Luban (Latvia)

Countries: Latvia, Lithuania
Border(s): Latvia-Lithuania,
European programme:
Latvia-Lithuania Cross-border programme
- Tourism

Lead partner: Kupiskis District Municipality Administration

This project continues partnership between Kupiskis and Rezekne Municipalities that has started in 1999. 2006-2008 both partners have implemented Interreg IIIA project "Sustainable Water Tourism Development in Kupiskis and Rezekne Regions". This project is based on the outputs of previous project: a common water tourism development strategy, technical documentation Water Tourism Development Station at Luban Lake and training seminars for tourism service providers.


  • Kupiskis District Municipality Administration
  • Rezekne District Council

Project goals

The overall objective of the project is increased attractiveness of Kupiskis and Rezekne districts for living and visiting.
Sub-objectives are :

  • Development of tourism and recreation infrastructure at Kupiskis Lagoon and Luban Lake
  • Development of community-based tourism concept and raising the human capacity of local communities
  • Tourism marketing and dissemination of results.

Project activities

The project's activities implement recommendations provided in strategy and technical documentation produced in the previous project: improvement recreational territories, reconstruction of WTDC, signposting and tourism marketing, awareness
raising and capacity building of local communities. Improved recreational infrastructure Kupiskis Lagoon and Luban Lake with access roads, sandy beaches, playing grounds, WTDC and other facilities will increase attractiveness of both regions to local people and visitors. The Blue Flag program implemented during the project will ensure environmental awareness of local
communities and visitors, high quality standards of environment protection in the improved recreational territories and their sustainability in future.

Total cost

2 197 388,00 €

EU funding

1 867 779,80 €