Cross-border Public Services (CPS)

Cross-border Public Services (CPS)
Countries: Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Croatia
Border(s): France-Germany, Germany-Poland, Czech Republic-Germany, France-Switzerland, Finland-Sweden, Ireland-United Kingdom, France-Belgium, France-Spain-Andorra, Austria-Czech Republic, Hungary-Slovenia, Germany-Luxembourg, Finland-Russia, Germany-Switzerland, Belgium-Netherlands, Portugal-Spain, Denmark-Germany, Norway-Sweden, Austria-Germany, Germany-Netherlands,
European programme(s):
- Public Services
- Identifying and removing obstacles
- Observation

Lead partner: Region Sønderjylland – Schleswig (Denmark/Germany)

EPSON and the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) have carried out a study on Cross-border Public Services (CSP) and their provision in Europe. At the territorial level, good access to public services of general interest on each side of the border is one of the main points of the territorial cohesion objectives of the Lisbon Treaty, as well as of the current Cohesion Policy. The study provides an overview of existing CSP with a focus on territorial issues related to their implementation, in order to identify future needs and find sustainable solutions.


  • Region Sønderjylland – Schleswig Joint Secretariat & Infocenter (Denmark/Germany)
  • EuRegio Salzburg Berchtesgadener Land Traunstein, (Germany/Austria)
  • Euregio Bayerischer Wald – Böhmerwald – Unterer Inn e.V., (Germany/Austria/Czech Republic)
  • Galicia North Portugal EGTC, (Spain/Portugal)
  • Bothnian Arc, (Sweden/Finland)
  • Development Centre Murska Sobota, (Slovenia)
  • Regional Council of South Karelia (Finland)
  • Kommunalgemeinschaft Euroregion Oberes Elbtal/Osterzgebirge e.V., (Germany/Czech Republic)
  • Province of East Flanders on behalf of Euregion Scheldemond, (Belgium)
  • Coordination Commission for Regional Development for Alentejo, (Portugal)
  • Euregio Bayerischer Wald/ Böhmerwald – Regionalmanagement Mühlviertel, (Germany/Austria)




Project goals

  • Support a better delivery crossborder public services
  • Improve awareness about the added value of cross-border public services.
  • Give a better understanding of the legal basis, governance models, infrastructure use and needs addressed and tasks of CPS.




Target group(s)

Regional decision makers

Authorities in charge cooperation programs financed by the UE and European organizations


Project activities

  • Sources were compiled in form of a database that includes a total of 559 CPS in Europe, of which for 92 CPS detailed survey answers are available allowing for insights into CPS development and governance processes.
  • Ten case studies have been conducted in cross-border regions in different parts of Europe.
  • Altogether 170 CPS have been identified in these ten case study areas.
  • Good practice examples have been identified in the framework of the analysis.




Project duration

November 2017 – November 2018

Total cost

249 778.00 €