Mission Développement Prospective - Projet Sentinelles des Alpes
Savoie Technolac
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+33 (0)4 79 25 36 98

Sentinels of the Alps (Sentinelles des Alpes, Sentinelle delle Alpi)

Countries: France, Italy
Border(s): France-Italy-Monaco,
Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Italy (ALCOTRA)
- Culture
- Tourism
- Natural and rural areas

Lead partner: Région Piemonte


  • Future Development Mission
  • Regione autonoma Valle d´Aosta (the autonomous region of Valle d´Aosta)

Project goals

The project´s objectives were:

  • to improve the conservation and development of a heritage at risk,
  • to promote cooperation between the partners by establishing a place for thought and discussion to take place, which goes beyond geographical or administrative logic,
  • to give impetus to a process of local and sustainable development in the mountain sectors by reusing and regenerating sites,
  • to diversify the area´s tourist and cultural attractions,
  • to strengthen the image of the sites in the minds of local people and to make private sector parties that are involved in the tourism industry aware of the existence of "small" sites.

Target group(s)

Partners and managers of the Alpine forts

Project activities

Supported by a quality charter, the network operates on a membership basis. It offers its members support and assistance to organise the project: it publishes a methodological guide to project development, monitors projects, puts its members in contact with potential partners, and helps them to find funding. The function of the quality charter, which is compulsorily signed by members of the network, is to ensure the quality of services and the complementarity of activities. It specifies the eligibility criteria of the sites and their responsibility where cross-border cooperation is concerned. Here a few examples of commitments made by signatories of the charter:

  • offering a "multi sites" pass to the public,
  • devising bilingual communication tools,
  • distributing all of their documentation within the network,
  • encouraging the professionalisation of employees,
  • taking part in animation actions.

The charter also encourages the partners to set up long term common action projects. For example, the following actions were initiated in this framework:

  • Cross-border meetings are organised every year. In October 2002, they took place in the Ubaye valley (Department of the Alpes de Haute Provence) on the topic of "L´expression artistique dans les forts (Artistic expression in the forts).
  • In order to professionalise the lead partners, training modules were created. They deal with methodological issues relating to the project, the search for partnerships and funding, site mangement, the interpretation of heritage, animation and communication.
  • Joint communications and promotional actions are regularly carried out: shows, exhibitions, published documents, guided tours.
  • A web site ( has been created. It acts both as a communication tool for the general public and as a working tool (with protected access) for members.

Project duration

02/2002 - 12/2005

Total cost

4 536 862 €

EU funding

1 814 745 €