Mag. Karl Wulz Sanicademia

Sanicademia–International Training Academy for Health Professionals, EEIG

Countries: Austria, Italy
Border(s): Austria-Italy,
- Healthcare
- Legal instruments

The health ministers of the three partner regions signed in September, 2005 the Academy founding contract. A year later, the “Sanicademia” was officially established as an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping)” by the registration in the commercial register in Klagenfurt. The Academy is headquartered in Villach, with offices in Trieste and Venice.


  • Austrian region of Carinthia (AU)
  • Italian autonomous region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia (IT)
  • Italian region of Veneto (IT)
  • IAL Friuli – Venezia Giulia (public-funded professional education orga-nisation under private law) (IT)
  • E.N.A.I.P. (foundation for professional education, established by the fe-deration of Italian Christian workers associations) (IT)

Project activities

  • Training and exchange of nursing, therapeutic and medical staff (courses, workshops, language courses, educational and professional practical trainings and staff exchange between the partner regions),
  • Harmonization in contents and organization of the education in health care within the future Euroregion (Carinthia / Friuli – Venezia Giulia / Veneto / Slovenia),
  • Harmonization of the health care quality in the Euroregion according to the highest international standards (for instance of the Joint Commission International),
  • Joint multilingual events (seminars, congresses, workshops),
  • Cross-border assistance in emergency and catastrophe cases,
  • Development of transnational information systems and patient data bases,
  • Joint projects, joint participation in EU-funded projects,
  • Promotion of transnational mobility of patients and health care staff,
  • Promotion of internationality, interdisciplinarity and interculturality,
  • Multilingual publishing and public relations.