INFOBEST network

Countries: Germany, France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Germany, France-Switzerland, Germany-Switzerland,
Freiburg region-Central and Southern Alsace Eurodistrict, Basel Trinational Eurodistrict, Strasbourg-Ortenau Eurodistrict, Eurodistrict PAMINA,
European programme(s):
Interreg IVA - Upper Rhine
- Public Services
- Employment
- Education, training and languages
- Social inclusion

The INFOBEST network is a set of authorities of meetings and information which has been set in the trinationale Region of the upper Rhine since 1991. Since the end of the operational programming of the project, three nearby States finance in parity the structure, so moving closer to a trinational public service.
Four places of welcome compose the physical structure of the network: INFOBEST Palmrain (in Village-Neuf), INFOBEST Kehl/Strasbourg (in Kehl), INFOBEST Vogelgrun/Breisach (in Vogelgrun) and INFOBEST Pamina (in Lauterbourg). A web site centralizes the various information in German and in French. It encourages the development of the political, cultural and economic exchanges in the Upper Rhine.


INFOBEST Palmrain : 

  • Etat français
  • Rég. Alsace
  • Département du Haut-Rhin
  • Land du Bade-Wurtemberg
  • Cantons de Bâle-Campagne, de Bâle-Ville, de Soleure, d’Argovie et du Jura

INFOBEST Kehl/Strasbourg : 

  • Etat français
  • Rég. Alsace
  • Département du Bas-Rhin
  • Land du Bade-Wurtemberg
  • Ortenaukreis
  • Villes de Kehl, Achern, Lahr, Oberkirch et Offenburg

INFOBEST Vogelgrun/Breisach : 

  • Etat français
  • Rég. Alsace
  • Département du Haut-Rhin
  • Land de Bade-Wurtemberg
  • Landkreis Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald et Emmendingen 

INFOBEST Pamina : 

  • Etat français
  • Rég. Alsace
  • Département du Bas-Rhin
  • Land Bade-Wurtemberg et Rhénanie Palatinat

Project goals

The INFOBEST network is in charge of supplying in the largest number of economic and political players the solutions in front of recurring problems which separate two linguistic spaces and three administrative and legal groups. Its mission is above all informative and its recognized expertise of public service allows it to advise the populations in various themes of border mobility. Finally it plays the role of intermediate interlocutor between every level of cross-border cooperation, the citizen to the administration of State, to facilitate mutual understanding.

Target group(s)

Citizens, elected representatives, border workers and entrepreneurs.

Project activities

  • Inform and advise through the management of web site resources and of four reception centers for the public
  • Assist the cross-border initiatives and the project leaders bi-or trinational
  • Organize conferences, seminars and information days
  • Supply opportunities of meetings between the various cross-border agents.

    Project duration

    Since 1991.