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Conversion of the border post at Rekkem-Ferrain

Countries: Belgium, France
Border(s): France-Belgium,
Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Wallonia-Flanders
- Spatial planning and development
- Economic development

This project involves the conversion of a former customs post into a cultural and tourist attraction. The site will be particularly focused on educating groups of young people and school parties on the topic of the border and trade.


  • Intercommunale pour le développement régional de l´arrondissement de Kortrijk (Intercommunal organisation for the regional development of the Kortrijk district) (LEIEDAL)
  • Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine (Lille Metropolis Urban Community)
  • Agence de développement et d´urbanisme de Lille (Lille development and town planning agency)

Project goals

The general objective is to "transform a place of division into a place of unity". To this end, the conversion of the Rekkem-Ferrain customs post will concentrate on developing the site in four major ways:

  • as a forum for cross-border cooperation,
  • as a centre for resources on the cross-border metropolis,
  • as an interactive centre for education on the border and on trade,
  • as a cross-border country park.

Target group(s)

Actors and institutions involved in cross-border cooperation, The local population, Pupils at local schools

Project activities

The project aims initially to set up a single cross-border ownership structure. The conversion programme will be organised as follows:

  • phase 1 (2004-2006): creation of the Forum de la coopération transfrontalière (Cross-border Cooperation Forum) and customs and police facilities,
  • phase 2 (2007-2010): construction of a "fenêtre sur la Métropole transfonstalière" (window on the cross-border metropolis) and an interpretation centre on the border and trade,
  • phase 3 (roughly projected for 2015): development of the cross-border country park.

Total cost

Phase 1: 5 000 000 €, Fonctionnement annuel / annual operation: 250 000 €