B-solutions project - GeoConnectGR

B-solutions project - GeoConnectGR
Countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg
Border(s): France-Belgium, France-Luxembourg, France-Germany, Germany-Luxembourg, Belgium-Germany,
Greater Region,
- Observation
- Identifying and removing obstacles
- Watercourses
- Research and innovation

Lead partner: Summit Secretariat of the Greater Region

“GeoConnectGR” is a project selected after the first call for "b-solutions" projects, which was launched by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional & Urban Policy (DG REGIO) in 2018 to tackle legal and administrative border obstacles.
The Greater Region agencies in charge of producing mapping data in the cross-border territory face a number of obstacles, such as the lack of data harmonization or the different tariff and administrative provisions. Geographic data about the hydrographic network at the European level produced by EuroGeographics do not fit small-scale analyses required for environmental assessments. “GeoConnectGR” thus offers to create an integrated and harmonized dataset in terms of geometry and content for a pilot theme (hydrography) to make it available in an interoperable format.


  • Système d'information géographique pour la Grande Région
  • Groupe de travail Cadastre et cartographie (Greater Region)

Project goals

  • Develop an integrated dataset for hydrography based on harmonized datasets.
  • Harmonize topogeographic reference datasets in the border area to eliminate gaps and overlaps by the end of 2019.
  • Provide other geographic agencies with a document summarizing the stages of work to share the good practices developed in the project.

Target group(s)

Geographic agencies

Project activities

  • Evaluate, review and develop approaches to geometric harmonization of boundaries applied for each of the border areas.
  • Develop an integrated and harmonized dataset in terms of geometry and content for a pilot theme (eg hydrography) and make it available in an interoperable format
  • Harmonize the geographical reference data, submitted so far to different practical and tariff provisions.

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