Prevention of floods in the river basin of Chiers, Mes-Sancy and the Tone

Countries: Belgium, France
Border(s): France-Belgium,
Longwy European Development Pole,
European programme(s):
Interreg IVA - Grande Région
- Climate change, risk management and prevention
- The environment, resources and waste
- Watercourses

The floods of January, 1993 in hillsides ponds of Chiers, Messancy and the Tone generated on behalf of the border communities a common understanding of prevention and forecast of the floods.
Indeed, the episodes of floods which occur both in Belgium on Messancy and on the Tone and on upstream river of Chiers in Luxemburg have a direct impact on the French part in the downstream catch basin, Longwy to Montmédy.
This project plans equipment adapted to protect the populations and the districts the most affected by flood risks.


  • Association Intercommunale pour la Valorisation de l’Eau (AIVE) (Wallonia)
  • DCENN - Ministry of the Walloon Region - Head office of natural resources and environment - Division of Water - Management of the non-navigable rivers (Wallonia)
  • Association of communes for the Development of Chiers (SIAC) (Lorraine)

Project goals

The project aims at the protection of the housing environment against the floods, in a global way, on the scale of the cross-border river basin.

Project activities

Concerning Belgium, six sites were equipped with flood prevention equipment: Turpange, Buvange, Bébange, Messancy, St-Rémy.
Two sites were retained with the aim of the realization of specific developments:

  • The optimization of the existing dam reservoir in Latour (Virton).
  • The protection of the housing environment of Saint-Mard.

Concerning France, six developments were retained to Longwy, Longuyon, Cons-la-Grandville and Charency-Vezin. It is about developments moving closer to protection of the housing environment, to creation of expansion zones and to slowing down the floods and to work on the course of the stream.

Total cost

5 731 045 €

EU funding

1 900 772,5 €