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Preparing the strategic investments for developing an integrated road transport infrastructure in the Oradea-Debrecen urban poles area (Acronym INFRASTRAT)

Countries: Hungary, Romania
Lead partner: Oradea Metropolitan Area

Problems and challenges: The main common challenges regarding road transportation infrastructure at the level of urban poles Oradea-Debrecen refers to finding solutions that allow the management of different traffic types that manifest on 3 levels: transit traffic, because of Romania-Hungary cross border point; exchange traffic, that takes place at metropolitan level between urban centres and surrounding communes due to the urbanization process; internal traffic that takes place at the level of each locality. In this context, it becomes necessary to adapt the road infrastructure to the needs already existing of the target groups and that could create, on medium term, additional constraints, with negative impact on regions'' activity, life quality, labour mobility and common economical competition.

Project context: This project has the starting point the scenario, on medium and long term that the two urban congestions Oradea and Debrecen will become more inter-connected from socio-economic and infrastructural point of view. This evolution is anticipated and supported, both at the level of inter-governmental debates and within strategic objectives of National Concept of Spatial Development of Hungary and Romania. On this basis, the accent falls on the equilibrate layout of relevant functions from economical and infrastructural point of view, on the common impact area of the two urban poles Oradea-Debrecen, this common impact area having an important cross border character. Partners' integrated approach allowed ranking some problems that can be solved in common, road accessibility, being a relevant subject for territorial inter-relationship. Thus, organised meetings allowed a detailed problem analysis, defining the project idea, its objectives, target groups, activities, estimated results, budget and activity responsible.


City of Debrecen (PP 1)

Project goals

  • General objective consists in improving the strategic road infrastructure at the level of urban poles network Oradea (RO)-Debrecen (HU).
  • Specific objectives refer to improving the fundament and planning process of major investments in road infrastructure (1), and elaborating the support instruments for preparing strategic investments with cross border impact (2).

Target group(s)

Partner institutions responsible for the project implementation; Central authorities (ministries, road administration companies), local and county authorities with competencies in road transportation development; Local transport operators, transport management services; 500.000 citizens from cross border project area that will benefit on long term by the implementation of investments prepared through this project; Other interested parts (tourists, persons and goods transport operators that transit project area).

According to Bihor County Border Police Inspectorate, in 2008 over 7 million persons used road transportation infrastructure for transition in this territorial area.

Project activities

  • AP 0 - Project Preparation
  • AP 1 - Project Management
  • AP 2 - Preparing the justification and planning of strategical investments in the road transport infrastructure at the level of Oradea-Debrecen cross-border urban network
  • AP 3 - Pre-feasibilty Studies for justifying the need and opportunity of realizing of two strategic investments in the cross-border road transport infrastructure
  • AP 4 - Communication and Dissemination

Project duration

From 1st December 2009 to 30 November 2010

Total cost

164 175 €

EU funding

138 111,48 €