Association du Passeport des Musées du Rhin Supérieur
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Postfach - CH-4002 Basel
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+33 (0)3 89 33 96 29


Museum pass for the Upper Rhine (Pass Musées du Rhin Supérieur)

Countries: Germany, France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Germany, Germany-Switzerland, France-Switzerland,
Upper Rhine Conference, Tri-national Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine,
European programme:
Interreg Centre Sud/Oberrhein Interreg Pamina
- Culture
- Tourism

Lead partner: Association du passeport des musées du Rhin supérieur

The Pass Musées du Rhin Supérieur offers free and unlimited access to around 170 museums in the region (40 in Alsace, 40 in Germany and 90 in Switzerland), thus encouraging the populations to cross the borders in order to discover museums, castles, beauty spots and gardens. The Alsace Region has received the "Territoria Culture" prize for this undertaking.
An association coming under Swiss law, "Association du passeport des musées du Rhin supérieur" (The Association for the museum pass for the Upper Rhine) has been created to launch and pilot the project.


The partners are:

  • L´Association du passeport des musées du Rhin supérieur (The Association for the museum pass for the Upper Rhine)
  • The Alsace Region
  • The state of Baden-Württemberg
  • The state of Rhénanie-Palatinat
  • The Cantons of Argovia, Jura, Basle city, Basle rural and Soleure
  • The European Union

Project goals

To promote access to cultural sites in the programming area and to invite the public to discover European cultural assets.

Target group(s)

Local and tourist populations

Project activities

Producing a single pass that allows access to a large number of museums and temporary exhibitions in the programming area for one year.

Project duration

Depuis/From 2002

Total cost

1 200 000 € (autofinancement depuis 2002/since 2002 self-financed)

EU funding

Interreg II Centre Sud/Oberrhein: 208 333 €; Interreg II Pamina: 104 167 €