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The other side of the wall: writing (Par-dessus le mur, l´écriture)

Countries: France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Switzerland,
Trans-Jura Conference,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Switzerland
- Culture
- Société civile

Lead partner: SARL Arthis (France)

The project enables literary events to be organised across the entire Arc of the Jura, from Geneva to Basle.


  • Fondation "Maisons Mainou" ("Maisons Mainou" Foundation)
  • Association "Saute-Frontière" ("Saute-Frontière" Association)

Project goals

The "Par-dessus le mur, l´écriture" project aims to contribute to creating a coherent and original image of the Franco-Swiss Arc of the Jura by the spead of literature, in addition to a partnership process. Through the distinctive and original nature of art, the project aims to encourage experimentation and cooperation, by seeking and revealing new links to places, audiences and contemporary writing. With "Par-dessus le mur, l´écriture", Arthis has chosen to fulfil its distinctive role by searching throughout the Arc of the Jura for cultural and economic partners with whom it can share common values. Overall, Arthis aims to encourage and perpetuate the production and dissemination of contemporary writing throughout the Arc of the Jura by helping the cultural partners to work together, particularly through the use of NICTs.

Project activities

The following activites have been developed:

  • an event taking place every few years in Autumn: literary tours,
  • a three-month author´s residency in cooperation with the countryside and the people who live there,
  • a multimedia writing area, experimenting with authors on the creative process, in collaboration with schools, libraries and library users, associations and businesses, during a cultural week taking place with authors in May,
  • throughout the year: an space for information and exchanges on the web site,
  • a production area: DVDs, audio CDs, radio broadcasts, publications, etc.

Communication activities:

  • a web site regularly updated by a webmaster, employed part-time,
  • two French and Swiss press officers for local and national media,
  • a brochure for conferences, meetings and debates scheduled in addition to the event,
  • a travel booklet distributed to all of the cultural partners and the local municipalities (information journal, web site, etc.), which summarises the entire project.

Arthis has also renewed a partnership, begun three years ago, with Radio Suisse Romande-Espace 2 to broadcast unpublished works to the general public, to retransmit a number of discussion programmes and to produce an audio CD. Since 2002, Arthis has also been publishing original texts in the Swiss journal "Ecriture" (Writing).

Project duration

10/2002 - 10/2005

Total cost

155 197 €

EU funding

40 000 €