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PAMINA Business Club

Countries: Germany, France
Border(s): France-Germany,
Eurodistrict PAMINA,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - PAMINA
- Economic development

Lead partner: Association de Développement du Bas-Rhin (ADIRA)

The "PAMINA Business Club" was set up by 50 development agencies, local authorities and consular offices in May 1998. It works to serve the needs of local businesses to aid the development of a dynamic and robust local economy. Having reached the operational stage, the PAMINA Business Club plans to instigate a programme of activities spread over a period of three years. This will involve firstly organising events that allow the approximately fifty members of the club to meet and become more familiar with those behind the PAMINA economic zone. The second task involves instigating three specific projects arising from the work done by three groups focusing on particular issues.


The Club has approximately 50 members, all working on a voluntary basis, and consisting of development agencies, local authorities and consular offices in the Franco-German PA (Palatinate/Southern Palatinate) cooperation zone - MI (Mittlerer Oberrhein (Middle Upper Rhine)/TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Technology Region)) - NA (North Alsace). Working groups are organised around particular issues: Production of a reference work: who does what in the PAMINA zone?
Banking expert group
Social law and professional insurance
Capital-risk company
Exhibitions and events
Business areas

Project goals

The Club serves the area and local businesses based there with the aim of strengthening cross-border cooperation in the field of economic development. It therefore has responsibility for three fundamental tasks:exchanging information on the development structures serving the three PAMINA areas and on development projects undertaken in these areas, designing and implementing cross-border projects that might bring clear benefits in the economic sphere,facilitating joint communication on the benefits of the region and improving the attractiveness of the PAMINA economic zone.

Target group(s)

Local businesses

Project activities

The Club´s cross-border activities concentrate on specific projects of use to the local economy. Some examples:

  • production of a reference work: who does what in the PAMINA zone?
  • communication and marketing tools for the PAMINA region as a business start-up location
  • brochures giving information on the French and German banking systems
  • brochures giving information on professional insurance in France and Germany

Project duration

The project started in October 2002.