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Menton-Ventimiglia - Project for the harnessing of freshwater supplies in a marine environment

Countries: France, Italy
Border(s): France-Italy-Monaco,
Franco-Italo-Monegasque Riviera,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Italy (ALCOTRA)
- Spatial planning and development
- Cross-border maritime cooperation
- The environment, resources and waste

The prospect of harnessing freshwater supplies in the Mediterranean is providing new hope to the French and Italian municipalities of Menton and Ventimiglia in their battle against shortages of drinking water in the area.


  • Town council of Menton
  • Town council of Ventimiglia
  • Nymphea Water

Project goals

The studies carried out on harnessing freshwater supplies in a marine setting close to the Italian coast have enabled researchers to undertake initial experiments in harnessing such supplies at the spring of la Mortola. The principal goal is to research the long-term prospects for the project in meeting the water needs of the population in the towns concerned.

Target group(s)

Population of the towns of Menton and Ventimiglia

Project activities

  • Creation of a coordinating committee
  • Setting up of a guiding body to validate the unique concept of locating and harnessing freshwater springs as patented by the company Nymphea Water

Total cost

4 000 000 €