House of Luxembourg

Countries: France, Luxembourg
Border(s): France-Luxembourg,
Greater Region,
- Employment
- Economic development
- Education, training and languages
- Spatial planning and development

Lead partner: Urban Community "Portes de France – Thionville"

The House of Luxembourg informs cross-border workers on all matters related to their social status in France and in Luxembourg. It also helps companies in the Thionville area to develop their economic relations with the Grand Duchy. The House of Luxembourg is open to every person who is seeking information on employment conditions in the Grand Duchy. Located in the city centre of Thionville, the House of Luxembourg is the first facility in the Greater Region area dedicated to the cross-border community, it fully supports the actions introduced by the Urban Community "Portes de France – Thionville" to promote the cooperation regarding the cross-border's territory (number of French cross-border inhabitant working in Luxembourg: 75 029, source STATEC, September 2010).


  • Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • National Fund of Family price of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • National Fund for Pension Insurance (CNAP)
  • National Health Fund Gesondheetskeess
  • SaarLorLux EuRegio

Project goals

  • Giving each type of public information about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg's legislation and the conditions of employment in Luxembourg
  • Assisting companies in Thionville area in the development of their economic relations with the Grand Duchy

Target group(s)

Inhabitants, companies

Project activities

  • Public reception
  • Documentation centre available
  • Organisation of information meeting

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Project duration

Opened on September, 19th 2006