Henri Lewalle Alliance Nationales des Mutualités Chrétiennes (ANMC)



Countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg
Border(s): France-Belgium, Belgium-Luxembourg, France-Luxembourg,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - Wallonia-Lorraine-Luxembourg
- Healthcare

Lead partner: GEIE Luxlorsan LLS

The aim of the Luxlorsan project is to acquire in-depth knowledge of health care requirements in the Wallonia-Lorraine-Luxembourg region (with a view to improving access to treatment, developing cross-border cooperation between health systems, etc.) and to promote a cross-border health care policy. To achieve this, it depends on a key structure: the GEIE Luxlorson "LLS".


The GEIE Luxlorsan "LLS" comprises the following partners:

  • Alliance Nationale des Mutualités Chrétiennes et Mutualité Chrétienne de la Province de Luxembourg pour la Belgique (the National Alliance of Christian Mutual Funds and the Christian Mutual Fund in the Province of Luxembourg for Belgium)
  • Caisses Régionales d´Assurance Maladie du Nord-Est et de l´Alsace-Moselle pour la France (the Regional Health Insurance Offices in the North-East and in Alsace-Moselle for France)
  • Inspection Générale de la Sécurité Sociale, Centre d´Etudes des Populations, de Pauvreté et de Politiques Socio-économiques pour le Luxembourg (the Social Security Office, Centre of Population Studies, Poverty and Socio-economic Policy for Luxembourg)

Project goals

The Luxlorsan project will enable:

  • the implementation of shared access and services on both sides of the borders,
  • the promotion of a cross-border regional health care policy.

In the longer term, therefore, it aims to:

  • improve the state of health care for the populations affected,
  • improve access to quality treatment,
  • develop cross-border cooperation between health systems for treatment and prevention,
  • reduce additional costs linked to the territorially restricted nature of benefits,
  • realise economies of scale.

Target group(s)

Population of the programming area.

Project activities

  • The coordination and support of health care projects within a cross-border health care observatory (GEIE).
  • Legal and statutory monitoring.
  • The study of treatment structures and information networking.
  • The study and actions for developing shared access to treatment.
  • The cross-border organisation of emergency services.
  • Communication and use of ICTs.
  • The cross-border study of the problems of medical demography.
  • Devising a process of reflection and actions on the most frequently occurring pathologies.
  • A study into how the elderly are received and taken into care.
  • A study into how disabled people are received and taken into care.A study into mental health care.

Total cost

914 500 €

EU funding

457 250 €