EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse

Countries: France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Switzerland,
Basel Trinational Eurodistrict,
- Transport
- Public Services
- Spatial planning and development

The international airport Basel-Mulhouse (EuroAirport EAP) is a binational public institution subject to international law. Yet it is entirely located on French territory and its industrial development takes place in Switzerland. The first Basel-Mulhouse airport infrastructure was constructed in 1946. The EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg brand was launched in 1987.

The extremely convenient location of EuroAirport at the heart of Western Europe and at the crossroads of three economically thriving regions (Alsace, North West Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg) explains the airport’s success. EuroAirport is the best equipped airport on the Upper Rhine and, thanks to its infrastructure, can cope with any kind of traffic.

6.52 million passengers have used EuroAirport in 2014. The scheduled flight network includes between 70 and 100 airports in about 30 different countries, depending on the season. EuroAirport is a gateway to the trinational region for all those who visit. In 2014, 30% of the passengers were incoming tourists.
In 2010 a railway connection project was launched between Basel, Mulhouse and Freibourg. A new 7km railway is to be built between the north of the airport, Saint-Louis station and the terminal. The project will be ended in 2020.

A debate about tax status is at the heart of the relationships between France and Switzerland. Swiss companies working on French territory are taxed in Switzerland and not in France. French government wants to make the Swiss companies pay taxes in France. An agreement is about to be reached in 2015 between the two governments.

Moreover, since March 2015, a tax convention between France and Germany allows EuroAirport German workers not to be double taxed by the country they work in and by the country they live in.


  • Regional Council of Alsace (France)
  • General Council of Haut Rhin (France)
  • Canton of Basel (Switzerland)
  • EuroAirport (French part)
  • EuroAirport (Swiss part)
  • EuroAirport freight department
  • French customs
  • Federal Office of Transports (Switzerland)
  • France railway network (France)

Target group(s)

6.5 million travelers (2014)

6,500 employments on-site (2014)