Le Ticket: a cultural passport for the SaarMoselle region

Countries: Germany, France
Border(s): France-Germany,
SaarMoselle Eurodistrict,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - Saarland-Moselle-Lorraine-Western Palatinate
- Culture
- Tourism

Lead partner: Eurodistrict SaarMoselle

Set up by the Eurodistrict SaarMoselle, the "Ticket" is a "cultural passport" that has been issued since the year 2000 and that allows the person holding it to visit a large number of museums and exhibitions in a zone including the German state of Saarland (A), the French Department of the Moselle. Nine museums took part when Le Ticket was first issued in 2000, a figure that grew to 23 the following year, 53 in 2002, 123 in 2004 and 138 in 2005.


  • All of the participating museums and cultural organisations
  • Association of museums of Saarland and Western Palatinate

Project goals

The "Ticket" is intended to encourage visits to the museums in the cross-border zone and to promote the cultural heritage of the region.

Target group(s)

Local population and tourists.

Project activities

Every year the body issuing the "Ticket" publishes a bilingual brochure describing each of the museums taking part in the scheme, and including special entry price offers for the museums that do not have free-of-charge entry policies. The brochure is distributed at no cost via tourist offices and museums.