Groupement transfrontalier européen
50 rue de Genève
74100 Annemasse
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+33.(0)892 70 10 74


European cross-border grouping (Groupement transfrontalier européen)

Countries: France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Switzerland,
Greater Geneva,
- Employment

Created in 1963, the "European cross-border Grouping" aims at representing and at defending the border workers on both sides of the border (Swiss-France).
The European cross-border Grouping is an association of information and defense of border workers.

Independent association, the European cross-border Grouping is managed by a president, vice-presidents, guiding office and administrative committee. All its members are voluntary inhabitants of the border zone.
They are helped by a salaried structure (23 people in 2006) among which are five jurists specialized in international law and three social workers.
With their association, the inhabitants of the border zone can find all the information concerning their specific status, as well as a legal, fiscal and social support both on the collective and individual plan.

The European cross-border Grouping brought together 30 000 members (in 2010).
The members of the Grouping benefit from legal, employment, fiscal and social services. The inhabitants also receive a border zone magazine and a monthly newsletter (Front@ligne), as well as diverse publications.

The website id also dedicated to the members, for examples they can consult job offers in Switzerland and place their CV.

Target group(s)

All the cross-border, namely every person who lives or works on one side or the other of the border, in the concerned territory.

Total cost

The Grouping is self-financed by more than 80 %.

EU funding

No European subsidy.