Annemasse-Geneva Star (Etoile Annemasse-Genève)

Countries: France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Switzerland,
Greater Geneva,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Switzerland
- Cross-border conurbations
- Spatial planning and development
- Transport
- Public Services

Lead partner: Mairie d´Annemasse

This is one of ten projects set out in the Charter of the Agglomération franco-valdo-genevoise (Franco-Vaud-Geneva conurbation"), drawn up in 1995 by the Comité régional franco-genevois (Franco-Genevan Regional Committee - CRFG).
The project makes provision for town planning and development activities for a railway area in the heart of the town of Annemasse, in south-west Geneva, and for its connection in the centre of the conurbation by means of high-speed public transport links.


Canton of Geneva

Project goals

With its potential to create living space for 5 000 as well as 2 000 jobs, the focal point created on the left bank of Lake Geneva will represent - together with those of Genève-Cointrin airport (the Golden Rectangle), of CERN, and of Saint-Julien-Archamps-Bardonnex - one of the four major multifunctional hubs envisaged by the CRFG charter. The aim is to promote more harmonious and coherent urban development in the heart of the Franco-Vaud-Geneva cross-border zone. In particular, it should contribute, by revitalising the urban environment of Annemasse and increasing its accommodation supply, to remedying the property shortages suffered by the area and to countering the phenomenon of urban spread that characterises the current development affecting the urban area.

Target group(s)

Local population

Project activities

  • Identifying an appropriate level of infrastructure for the new urban centre in terms of public infrastructure and services, economic, commercial and leisure activities, residential units, and so on
  • Defining how space is to be used in the new neighbourhood: public spaces, natural spaces, relocations, suitability for building, urban choices, and so forth
  • Planning infrastructure for services and intermodal relationships between France and Switzerland in the context of a partnership between SNCF, Transporteurs, and local authorities
  • Linking up with the centre of Geneva

Project duration

1995 - 2010/2015

Total cost

1 162 800 €

EU funding

399 300 €