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Espacio Infoculture

Countries: Spain, France
Border(s): France-Spain-Andorra,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Spain
- Culture
- Education, training and languages
- Employment

Lead partner: Association Multilateral

This Franco-Spanish cultural project is aimed at actors and professionals in the cultural domain. It offers various services aimed at professionalising and developing their occupation, namely by promoting cross-border exchanges between France and Spain.


Unité Spectacle Cépière Formation

Project goals

  • Promoting the professionalisation of the various cultural actors so that they fully become economic actors
  • Encouraging cross-border mobility in the cultural sector
  • Increasing cross-border economic activity in the cultural sector by means of mutual knowledge and shared resources
  • Increasing studies into the cultural sector within the two countries

Target group(s)

Culture professionals, artists, students in the cultural domain.

Project activities

Training courses aimed at professionalising cultural actors:

  • Training courses: "emploi dans le secteur culturel" (employment in the cultural sector), "gestion et diffusion du patrimoine" (management and dissemination of heritage), "métiers culturels et artistiques" (cultural and artistic occupations) and "intermittents du spectacle" (contract workers in the entertainment industry).
  • Specific training for various artistic disciplines
  • Cross-border training in the management of cultural and artistic activities
  • Cross-border distance learning in the management of cultural and artistic activities

Pilot actions:

  • Artists´ residencies

Cross-border cultural services:

  • Resource centres for culture and employment (Huesca, Toulouse)
  • Thematic databases
  • Periodical bilingual bulletins
  • Selective information dissemination
  • Bilingual web site with access to all of the services and activities offered by the Espacio Infoculture

Studies on the cultural situation in both countries:

  • ANPE and INAEM study on employment and training in the cultural sector.

Project duration

2002 - 2004