Espace Pourtalet

Countries: France, Spain
Border(s): France-Spain-Andorra,
European programme(s):
Interreg IVA - France-Spain-Andorra
- Culture
- Spatial planning and development
- Economic development
- Tourism
- Cross-border governance
- Legal instruments
- Natural and rural areas
- Transport

Launched in May 19th 2011, “Espace Pourtalet » is a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). It started its operations on December 22th 2011. It is composed of two institutions: the Pyrénées Atlantiques Department and the Government of Aragon Originally. Originally, the Espace Pourtalet Centre was born to create a cross-border area with the former customs. The multifunctional area was inaugurated on October 27th 2014 to be a dynamic cross-border centre whose purpose is to provide services and social and cultural bonds. The Espace Pourtalet Centre is the first concrete result of the work carried out by the EGTC. This new facility comprises a cross-border snow-clearing centre and a cross-border resource centre.


  • Aragon government
  • Pyrénées-Atlantiques department council

Project goals

The work priorities are: winter maintenance, economic development, heritage, culture and tourism. Within the scope of these major themes, practical projects are conducted, such as effective coordination on winter maintenance with the establishment of a cross-border snow clearance centre.

The EGTC provides greater visibility and enables more ambitious and more structuring projects to be developed under a single “brand”.

Project activities

October 2014 : Inauguration of the 'Espace Pourtalet Centre.

September 24-25th 2014 : The EGTC participates to the Conference for tourism competitivity in Spain, in Saragossa.

2012 : Application for an Interreg IVA project

2011 : Creation of the EGTC based upon four major working areas (road accessibility, tourisme, economic development, culture and patrimony)

Project duration

Launched in 2012

Total cost

1 580 171 €

EU funding

1 027 111, 25 €