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Education and social cohesion through sport and culture

Countries: France, United Kingdom
Border(s): France-United Kingdom,
Channel Arc,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-United Kingdom
- Cross-border maritime cooperation
- Sport
- Education, training and languages
- Société civile

Lead partner: Dartford Borough Council, the Dunkirk Districts

This project will improve the “education and social inclusion through sport and culture” strategies, the delivery of programmes and projects in this field and make a real difference to the lives of local residents.
The project will create networks and links between councillors, officers, trainers and citizens from the Dartford and the Dunkirk Districts, and will improve the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices between all these players. The project will deliver programmes of local actions that will directly benefit local residents.
Thanks to the contact with cross-border partners, the project will also strengthen cohesion, communication and exchanges between local stakeholders belonging different organisations and levels.
This project will lead to a better understanding of cross-border issues amongst the targeted communities.


Greater Dunkirk District Council / Dartford Borough Council
Several youth organisation

Project goals

The three key objectives will be :
- to engage diverse and new young communities that are not involved in associations, to practice a physical activity and to engage in communities activity,
- to promote among parents the need for their children to practice sports activities for their balanced physical development,
- sport and cultural activities as tools to improve social cohesion (particularly the neighbourhoods of a same city which are geographically or socially separated.)
This project is not sport for sport's sake, it aims rather to consider physical activity as a convivial and social activity that improves people’s well-being and community relationships.

The main objective is to elaborate a programme of transmaritime activities for the citizens of the participating local authorities (in particular young people). These activities must:
- sensitise them to the educational and social value of sports and cultural activities,
- make them aware of the benefits that can be obtained from these activities both from the physical (i.e. better health) and social points of view,
- encourage them to get involved in physical and community activities in the future,
- increase the level of cultural and sporting expectation amongst the citizens of the partner authorities; The programme should therefore heighten the preparedness of local citizens to engage in sporting and cultural activity.

Target group(s)

Youngster with less possibilities, families and all citizens.

Project activities

Over a two year period, the partners will participate in an on-going sporting and cultural exchange programme that will deliver the following objectives :
- Develop a series of activities focused on young people -in particular- those that use the skills and knowledge inherent in sporting and cultural activities. These skills will be utilised to address issues of social inclusion, cultural diversity and community safety
- Develop an exchange mechanism whereby good practice in the field of sporting and cultural programmes can be passed between partners -in order to deliver projects that address the particular needs and priorities of disadvantaged and excluded sections of society.
- Develop programmes that acknowledge and utilise the value brought to sporting and cultural activities by the voluntary and non-formal education sector (as acknowledged by national bodies, local authorities etc.) These programmes will be carried out by city services/departments and organisations that are involved in delivering sporting and cultural projects and activities.
- Recognize the link between health problems and a lack of physical activity—healthier people leading to healthier communities.
Concrete actions:

- 2 steering group meeting
- 2 cross border seminars
- In each region , local group meeting working on the 3 main themes
- In each region a youth cross border meeting – joint activity
- A finale conference

Project duration

06/12/2005 - 30/03/2007

Total cost

523 190 € (France: 296 690 €, UK: 226 500 €)

EU funding

198 896 (France: 116 180 €, UK: 82 716 €