Cross-border river agreement between the Arve and the Rhone

Countries: France, Switzerland
Border(s): France-Switzerland,
Greater Geneva,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Switzerland
- The environment, resources and waste
- Watercourses

Lead partner: Communauté de communes du Genevois

A cross-border river agreement, piloted by the Communauté de communes du Genevois (the Genevan municipal community) and bringing together, inter alia, the Rhone-Alpes region, the canton of Geneva and the Haute-Savoie region, was signed in October 2003. It concerns nine rivers located in the Franco-Genevan basin, which is surrounded by the Arve and the Rhone.


  • Le Département de l´Intérieur, de l´Agriculture et de l´Environnement (Geneva) (The Department of the Interior, Agriculture and the Environment)
  • La Direction régionale de l´Environnement (Etat français) (The Regional Department of the Environment) (French Government
  • L´Agence de l´Eau Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse (The Rhone-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Authority)
  • The Rhone-Alpes Region
  • The Haute-Savoie department
  • La Société des Autoroutes et du Tunnel du Mont Blanc (The Motorways and Mont Blanc Tunnel Society)
  • Le Syndicat Mixte Départemental d´Eau et d´Assainissement (The Departmental Joint Union of Water and Sanitation)
  • La Chambre d´Agriculture de Haute-Savoie (The Chamber of Agriculture of Haute-Savoie)
  • La Fédération départementale de pêche (The Departmental Fisheries Federation)
  • Le Syndicat Intercommunal d´Aménagement du Vuache (The Intercommunal Association for the Development of the Vuache)
  • Environmental associations
  • The users

Project goals

The objective of the agreement is to implement actions that completely revitalise the ecosystem of these nine rivers, with a view to improving the quality of the river water so that it has multiple uses, sources of pollution are reduced and there is a sufficient amount of water.
The objectives of this agreement are grouped into strands:
- to recover and preserve the quality of water,
- to preserve and develop the natural surroundings,
- to manage, increase awareness and assess.
Around 100 actions are planned.

Target group(s)

The users of the Franco-Genevan basin:

In France: 27 000 inhabitants in 15 towns

In Switzerland: 267 700 inhabitants in 15 towns in the canton of Geneva

Project activities

The renaturation of rivers and riverbanks.

Project duration