Contract of river Semois-Semoy

Countries: Belgium, France
Border(s): France-Belgium,
European programme(s):
Interreg IIIA - France-Wallonia-Flanders
- The environment, resources and waste
- Watercourses
- Tourism

Semois (spelled Semoy in France) is a river situated between the department of the Ardennes (France) and the Walloon Region (Belgium).
This project joins in the continuity of the "Contract of the Belgian Semois river". This first river contract is marked by the cross-border dimension of the project within the framework of the Interreg II Wallonie-Champagne-Ardenne program. The Belgian Semois and the French Semoy are united from now on in a common approach. The current project "Contract of the river Semoy-Semois" is thus the continuity of this first project.

Project goals

  • The first pursued general objective is the one of a river contract, namely the environmental restoration of a river while pursuing a participative approach by taking into account the functions and uses of the water.
  • The second general objective is to show the contributions of this type of cross-border management in answer to the application of the European Directive through the sub-pond management plans, and the effects of decentralization in the water field with a participative approach.

Project activities

  • Action 1: coordination
  • Action 2: communication
  • Action 3: knowledge improvement
  • Action 4: ecological Interview of streams
  • Action 5: tourist Activities
  • Action 6: monitoring center of the landscape
  • Action 7: management and interview of the alluvial plain and the rocky outcrops

Project duration