Comenius Regio - France-Italy

Countries: France, Italy
Border(s): France-Italy-Monaco,
- The environment, resources and waste
- Education, training and languages

Lead partner: City of Embrun (France) and Province of Turin (Italy)

Comenius Regio partnerships try to favour regional cooperation in terms of school education, experiences sharing and good practices between European regions and cities, on subjects of their choice. The partnership established between the province of Turin and the city of Embrun focuses upon waste management and sustainable behavior education in relation to ecological issues. The partnership occurs to protect the National Park of Les Ecrins on a cross-border scale.


Italian partners :

  • Province of Turin
  • City of Pinerolo
  • Ginnasio Porporato de Pinerolo school
  • Acea Pinerolese Industriale company
  • Pracatinat de Fenestrelle company


French partners :

  • City of Embrun
  • SMICTOM (intercommunal mixed association in waste treatment and recycling) of Embrunais-Savinois
  • National Park Les Ecrins
  • Honoré Romane d’Embrun school

Project goals

  • To preserve the National Park of Les Ecrins
  • To learn to the inhabitants how to recycle its waste ans to preserve the environment
  • To enhance management in agricultural and breeding resources
  • To support school exchanges

Project activities

Bilateral seminars and school exchanges

Project duration

2013 - 2015