BIHARTEAN - Cross-border chamber of commerce and industry

Countries: Spain, France
Border(s): France-Spain-Andorra,
Territory of the Basque Eurocity,
European programme(s):
Interreg IVA - France-Spain-Andorra
- Economic development
- Employment

"BIHARTEAN" is a cross-border chamber of commerce and industry formed in the Basque country in 2011 by the Bayonne Pays Basque CCI and the Càmara de comercio de Gipuzkoa. It is the first European example of a cross-border structure established jointly by two chambers of commerce.

The area covered by the BIHARTEAN cross-border CCI encompasses the French Basque country and the Province of Gipuzkoa in the Spanish Basque country. This territory has almost a million inhabitants, 63,000 businesses, mainly SMEs.

The cross-border CCI was established in 2011 with the legal form of an EEIG (European economic interest grouping), with the support and the expertise of the MOT.


  • Bayonne Pays Basque CCI
  • Càmara de comercio de Gipuzkoa

Project goals

The principal objectives of BIHARTEAN are to stimulate, coordinate and promote cross-border projects, to be a mediator between the businesses on each side of the border and to develop their relations and their cross-border development potential.

Project activities

Supporting businesses in their cross-border activities and contributing to cross-border integration of economic sectors.

The actions undertaken include in particular the publication of the first cross-border directory of subcontracting businesses in the two territories, guidance services for individual businesses and the organization of meetings (for businesses).

With regard to industry, BIHARTEAN is a prospection tool for the subcontracting businesses of the two territories. Other projects concern the setting up of a cross-border commerce monitoring unit or the implementation of a cross-border e-commerce platform.

More information on the project factsheet from the handbook “Cross-Border economic development”, MOT 2015.

Project duration

Start of the project in 2010