CB-Log – Cross Border Logistics

Countries: Germany, Denmark
Border(s): Denmark-Germany,
European programme:
Interreg IVA - Syddanmark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N.
- Economic development
- Transport

Lead partner: WiREG – Wirtschaftsförderung- und Regionalentwicklungsgesellschaft Flensburg/Schleswig mbH (DE)

Transportation and logistics employ nearly 46 000 people in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, 20 000 for logistics alone. In Denmark, there are nearly 50 000 people employed in the logistics sector in more than 7000 companies. About 1.5 million trucks cross the border every year in Padborg, and we estimate that 75% of Danish exports and 60% of German imports pass through the Jutland route.
The CB-Log project aims to develop the logistics expertise of Schleswig-Syddanmark to establish a cross-border cluster for logistics industry, training and knowledge. It is part of the flagship projects for the development of the Syddanmark-Schleswig region, defined in the partnership agreement signed by Schleswig-Holstein and Syddanmark on June 27, 2007.


  • Udviklingsråd Sønderjylland (DK)
  • EUC SYD (DK)
  • Danmarks Transportklynge, Netværk i Region Syddanmark (DK)
  • Commune d’Aabenraa (DE)
  • Fachhochschule Flensburg (DE)
  • Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland (DE)
  • Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft des Kreises Rendsburg-Eckernförde (DE)
  • Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) – Regionalgruppe Schleswig-Holstein (DE)

Project goals

Improve cross-border cooperation for economic and scientific players in the logistics industry to eventually establish a German-Danish cluster and strengthen Syddanmark and northern Schleswig-Holstein as a cross-border logistics territory.

Target group(s)

Research centres, SMEs from the logistics sector and vocational trainees in the cross-border area.

Project activities

  • Analysis: elaboration of a SWOT analysys
  • Knowledge transfer: exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices at events organized in the region
  • Market study: launch of a market study as the basis for a regional communication strategy
  • Marketing tools: production of paper documents (brochures, flyers ...) and online content (web page, job ads ...) available on the CG-Log platform
  • Think-Tank: creation of a platform bringing together representatives of the transport industry and logistics as well as researchers / academics to lead the network and manage the cluster
  • Others: renovation of infrastructures, communication activities with young people and vocational trainees

Project duration

April 2009 – April 2012

Total cost

1 057 775 €

EU funding

687 554 €