Border People

Countries: Ireland, United Kingdom
Border(s): Ireland-United Kingdom,
European programme:
Interreg IVA - Ireland - Wales Programme
- Employment
- Education, training and languages
- Social inclusion
- Economic development
- Public Services

Lead partner: North South Ministerial Council

The digital information center "Border People" emanates from joint conclusions by the research of the "Center for Cross Border Studies" as well as by a public study concerning the obstacles to mobility in Ireland. The latter identifies two main obstacles with the cross-border exchanges:
- The absence of precise data concerning cross-border employment, the systems of social and old age insurances and the various services to the inhabitants.
- Lack of simple access to the information on work mobility between the North and the South of the island.
The project "Border People" works to produce and to centralize the relevant legal and practical information, to publish it on its digital documentary portal. It so aims at strengthening mobility and market of the employment in the Ireland by guiding its citizens on both sides of the border in their daily initiatives (tax systems, banking activities, schooling etc.)


  • Centre for Cross Border Studies

The report: click here

Project goals

  • Facilitate the access to documentary resources and to legal funds of the North and the South of Ireland.
  • Favor trades and contribute to the transparency of market of employment as well as to university mobility.
  • Simplify the daily initiatives of the inhabitants of the border zone.

Target group(s)

Local Population, border workers

Project activities

  • Centralization of the relevant information relative to both jurisdictions.
  • Conception and management of an easy digital documentary portal of use
  • Regular updating of the database

Project duration

Since June 2002