Biogas 2020

Biogas 2020
Countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Border(s): Denmark-Norway, Denmark-Sweden, Norway-Sweden,
Région Öresund,
European programme:
Interreg VA - Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak
- Energy
- The environment, resources and waste

Lead partner: Innovatum (SE)

Biogas2020 is a cross-border cooperation project for biogas (gas from organic and agricultural waste management) development in Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak. The project brings together the currently dispersed knowledge about biogas under a single, strong, collaboration platform.


  • Institute for Reseach and Development and Technology, Aarhus University
  • Agrobusiness Park (DK)
  • Fyrbodal (SE)
  • Energiforsk (SE)
  • Biogas Syd (SE)
  • Gas2move (DK)
  • HMN Naturgas (DK)
  • Högskolan Halstad (SE)
  • Högskolan Väst (SE)
  • Hushaallnings sällskapet (SE)
  • Högskolan I Boraas (SE)
  • JTI Istitut f¨r jordbruks- och miljöteknik (SE)
  • Hoegskolen I Soeroest (NO)
  • NINIO Norks Institut for Bioøkonomi (NO)
  • LISTER Nyskaping (NO)
  • Oslo Renewable energy and Environment Cluster (OREEC, NO)
  • KTH (SE)
  • Nomi4S Ressource center (DK)
  • Buskerud Kommune (NO)
  • Akershus Kommune (NO)
  • Oslo Kommune (NO)
  • Telemark Kommune (NO)
  • Vestfold Kommune (NO)
  • Skive Kommune (DK)
  • Østfold Kommune (NO)
  • Frederikssund Kommune (DK)
  • Samsø Kommune (DK)
  • Region Skane (SE)
  • Västra Götalandregionen (SE)
  • SLU (SE)
  • Seaweed Production
  • Ocean Forest
  • NTU
  • VEAS (NO)

Project goals

  • Create the conditions for more investment in biogas production
  • Greater cooperation to develop new technology, tools and methods
  • Increased use of biogas, chiefly in the transport sector

Biogas2020is expected to pave the way for €100 million worth of investment in renewable energy over a 10-year period, while creating 1,000–1,500 jobs in the industry.

Target group(s)

Actors of biogas production and use, universities, schools, compagnies, public organizations.

Project activities

  • Creating an online platform for a better coordination and dialogue between actors from different countries and regions and exchange about each other's motivations and obstacles
  • Promotion of biogas as a fuel for heavy transport (buses and trucks)
  • Increasing and streamlining production of biogas through collaboration between universities, institutes, companies, developers, public organizations, with the support of the platform drives development forward.

Project duration


Total cost

11,9 Million €