Articulate cohesion policy, governance structures and cross-border territorial approaches

Countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy
Border(s): France-Germany, France-Belgium, France-United Kingdom, France-Luxembourg, France-Switzerland, France-Italy-Monaco, France-Spain-Andorra, France-Brazil-Suriname,
European programme(s):
- Cross-border governance
- Observation
- Legal instruments

Lead partner: Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT)

This project was conducted between August 2011 and November 2012 in two major reform contexts: the construction of the framework of the 2014-2020 European cohesion policy, and the definition in France of a national cross-border policy.
In this context, the MOT has received a grant from the technical assistance programme EUROP'ACT in order to draft a methodological guide whose aim was to improve the coordination between cohesion policy, governance systems and cross-border territorial projects.

Project goals

  • Offer an overview of the monitoring systems on cross-border cooperation at all levels and their impact on the development, implementation and sustainability of cooperation projects
  • Identify and analyse the weaknesses and bottlenecks of the system as a whole
  • Highlight the factors of improvement of this system
  • Prepare recommendations meant to streamline and improve the operational framework.

More information and presentation of the Methodological guidebook.

Target group(s)

Local authorities, government departments, European institutions and programmes and, more widely, all stakeholders in cross-border cooperation.

Project activities

More info.

Project duration

Août 2011-Novembre 2012